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Privacy Policy

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  • On The pikkC App

  • The camera tool will save your pictures/data on your device or your Google Drive which is linked to the app at that moment.

  • We do not collect your data from pikkC app

  • We do not access the data on the drive, it is you who has access and has control over the data in your Google Drive.

  • We only get analytics from Google Play Console.

  • We have built the app in a way we don't need to or have to collect any of your data.


  • Here are more details on our privacy policy:

  • Data Collection: We do not collect any data from the pikkC app. We do not track your activities or monitor your usage of the app.

  • Data Storage: Any data that you save on the pikkC app is stored on your device or your Google Drive account. We do not have access to this data, and we do not store any data on our servers.

  • Data Sharing: We do not share your data with any third parties. We respect your privacy and will not sell or share your data with anyone.

  • Analytics: We only receive analytics data from the Google Play Console, which helps us improve the app's performance and user experience. This data is anonymous and does not include any personally identifiable information.

  • Security: We take security seriously and have implemented measures to protect your data. The pikkC app uses encryption to secure your data in transit and at rest.

  • User Control: You have full control over your data in your Google Drive account. You can manage your data by deleting or moving files and folders as needed.

  • At our company, we are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of our users. We will continue to review and update our privacy policy as needed to ensure that it remains up-to-date and in line with industry standards.

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