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Privacy Policy 

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On The pikkC {pixie} App

  • The camera tool will save your pictures/data on your device or your Google Drive which is linked to the app at that moment.

  • We do not collect your data from pikkC app

  • We do not access the data on the drive, it is you who has access and has control over the data in your Google Drive.

  • We only get analytics from Google Play Console.

  • We have built the app in a way we don't need to or have to collect any of your data.

some additions

we wont ever change what's on this page. our belief is we dont build software at Pikk Co which isn't a end to end licence. 

Our goal is to empower the USER i.e. you guys! 


  • the picture's you click on pikkC {pixie} belong to you. we dont even know how many picture's you've clicked

  • its a systematic digital appliance not just an application

no user usage tracking what so ever.


On website 

  • We have basic website analytics platform level from Wix (our hosting partner)

  • We use Microsoft Clarity to run analytics on our Digital Store its like we have CCTV in our Retail Store! 

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