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pronounciations {pixie} {pic-see} {pix-e}



a link to download for android

Easy Uploads to Google Drive

#Step 1

Sign in to use Google Drive to Save Pictures in Organized Folders or make them on pikkc

#Step 2

Select a folder to save the picture to click in

#Step 3

Click! It'll automatically get saved to Google Drive

Problems & Features PikkStory!

SignIn Page!
While Using the App/ Always according to your Android version!
Allow, We send data to your Drive do not take anything out.
Some phones its After Log In!
Account Connected!
Your Account Picture!

What Is a Dataset?

a dataset is a collection of pictures saved in a folder helping you organize it.

[lets say you go to a mall and then go to the park to click pictures.

pictures you save in the mall Folder is a dataset of pictures you took in the mall and same for parks]

What are Datasets?

all these folders (dataset) in a database together  

[The folders 'mall, park' are the datasets you made in the Google Drive Storage]

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