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a link to download for android


pronounciations {pixie} {pic-see} {pix-e}

Easy Uploads to Google Drive

#Step 1

Sign in to use Google Drive to Save Pictures in Organized Folders or make them on pikkc

#Step 2

Select a folder to save the picture to click in

#Step 3

Click! It'll automatically get saved to Google Drive

pikkc logo click button to down the app

What Is a Dataset?

a dataset is a collection of pictures saved in a folder helping you organize it.

[lets say you go to a mall and then go to the park to click pictures.

pictures you save in the mall Folder is a dataset of pictures you took in the mall and same for parks]

What are Datasets?

all these folders (dataset) in a database together  

[The folders 'mall, park' are the datasets you made in the Google Drive Storage]